NBA Milestone Watch: Points

29,000 Points
LeBron James28,556444 to milestone
20,000 Points
Joe Johnson19,91882 to milestone
Pau Gasol19,883117 to milestone
19,000 Points
Jason Terry18,664336 to milestone
18,000 Points
Jamal Crawford17,9919 to milestone
Zach Randolph17,582418 to milestone
17,000 Points
Dwight Howard16,524476 to milestone
15,000 Points
Richard Jefferson14,846154 to milestone
Russell Westbrook14,816184 to milestone
Monta Ellis14,791209 to milestone
14,000 Points
Rudy Gay13,860140 to milestone
Deron Williams13,726274 to milestone
13,000 Points
Josh Smith12,9946 to milestone
Stephen Curry12,831169 to milestone
Andre Iguodala12,584416 to milestone
12,000 Points
Paul Millsap11,818182 to milestone
11,000 Points
Mike Miller10,96535 to milestone
10,000 Points
Thaddeus Young9,93268 to milestone
Blake Griffin9,92476 to milestone
Lou Williams9,876124 to milestone
Mike Conley9,835165 to milestone
Jameer Nelson9,646354 to milestone
Kirk Hinrich9,594406 to milestone
Jeff Green9,528472 to milestone
Marc Gasol9,516484 to milestone
NBA Career Leaders for Points
1Kareem Abdul-Jabbar*38,387 
2Karl Malone*36,928 
3Kobe Bryant33,643 
4Michael Jordan*32,292 
5Wilt Chamberlain*31,419 
6Dirk Nowitzki30,150(needs 1270 to move into 5th place)
7Shaquille O'Neal*28,596 
8LeBron James28,556(needs 41 to move into 7th place)
9Moses Malone*27,409 
10Elvin Hayes*27,313 
11Hakeem Olajuwon*26,946 
12Oscar Robertson*26,710 
13Dominique Wilkins*26,668 
14Tim Duncan26,496 
15John Havlicek*26,395 
16Paul Pierce26,382(needs 14 to move into 15th place)
17Kevin Garnett26,071 
18Alex English*25,613 
19Reggie Miller*25,279 
20Jerry West*25,192 
21Patrick Ewing*24,815 
22Ray Allen24,505 
23Vince Carter24,474(needs 32 to move into 22nd place)
24Allen Iverson*24,368 
25Carmelo Anthony24,063(needs 306 to move into 24th place)
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